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The quality is super I'm very satisfied with them.
The season will start in April  I hope will have a good season  !

I think ,  I m  your  good customer  so far I have bought  , 14 big and  4 smal boats !

So you can put this on your web site as well !

Thank you very much for your help and very correct and honest cooperation .
                                                              -----------Mr Zol*** Tu***(Dragon Boats)

 "Will, thanks so much for the boat its been amazing. I drop 5 minutes off my 12 mile course best, that's substantia.

The boat is beautiful and all the club should be using it."
                                                          ---------David Desch**** (Rowing Boat)
"About the boats are incredible!!!!! all those boats pass my expectation, the rowers love and really
is a great news about the quality and  design .

Thank you for all your help and support."
                                                                                                             ------------- Coach Ce*** He*****(rowing boats)
 "The last set of seats and tracks were packed well, and of good quality.  Please ensure this
order packed the same, and of good quality.
                                                                                              -----------Mr Co*** An*** (rowing parts)
 "The paddle and cover quality is better than my hope." 

                                                                                   ----------Mr Na***** K**(paddles and covers)
 "The quality of finish, the details and stiffness are excellent. And boats rowed excellent!" 

                                                                                       ----------Mr Ra**** Mo****** (rowing boats)
 "The covers look real nice and fix the skis nicely."
-------------Gl** Black***** (boat covers)
 „ We have already bought   12 pc dragonboats using them for a long time.  We  experienced the honest
and correct business. 
We won 2 silver 3 bronz medal at IDBF Club Team World Championship in Ravenna
 (Italy ) 2014  „                                                                                                                                                                           
                                                                                                                                                   ------------Zol***  (dragon boats) 
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